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「― 人・建築・都市を記憶する ― レンズ付フィルムによる写真展「100+20人の東京2019-2020 ~North編~」撮影会


"Utsurun-Desu" Camera Event at Gallery A4

「― 人・建築・都市を記憶する ― レンズ付フィルムによる写真展
「100+20人の東京2019-2020 ~North編~」撮影会 

I joined an interesting event the other day. 100+20 of us were given a disposable Fuji Film "Utsurun-Desu" camera and our task was to take 24 (or maybe it was 27) photos documenting Northern Tokyo. Being so used to WYSIWYG, it was a challenge not being able to see immediately what was snapped. I don't know how the photos turned out, but I know that some (or all) will be displayed at Gallery A4 in Toyocho from June 21 to July 25. The photos will probably be very small and on a panel along with 2000 to 3000 other photos. I can't speak for the quality of the photos, but I can say with confidence that my photos are of a location in Northern Tokyo that probably very few people have access. If you find yourself in the area, please drop by the venue!